Sunday, April 4, 2021

Thinking Of Spring In Italy....

It's Easter, and I'm sitting here in the gallery, just wasting time looking at photos of Italy...I do this more often than I'd like to admit.

I haven't been here in the gallery on Easter Sunday since 2011...last year we couldn't travel, but we were shutdown, so the gallery was closed. I don't know what to expect...there are plenty of people in town, walking the streets and such.
I think I'll just enjoy this time to remember our 'alternate life' in Italy...springtime especially.

There's no harm. A girl can dream, right?

We've been in touch with friends in Umbria, and it sounds like they are having a lovely 'primavera'. I can just imagine.... 

A gorgeous springtime moment in Florence from days gone by...

If you are a regular reader, you know that we love taking walks. Both in Italy, and here at home in California.
I love watching spring come on in Umbria...there is more rain and wind and thunder storms...real weather! It brings on beautiful spring colors....

Walking along a 'white road', just enjoying the wildflowers...

An amazing field of red poppies below Todi, a nearby hill town.

Watching the wheat grow is always fun!

Wild orchids, which I never see here, are a real treat.
These were nearby a field of fava beans, which have their own beauty.

My favorite thing to do is play in the garden at The Nut, the place we stay in Umbria. I love the garden there, and our landlord is more than happy to have me bring in a bit of color. It gives me lots to do while Johnny is in his studio there.
I love visiting nurseries in our area. They also sell lots of color at the weekly farmer's markets. 
It's fun to see what I can find.

Mostly, I plant 'pots of color'.
I've always loved doing I'm at the entrance to our place.

I always love a good mix of violas!

The resident kitty, Nemo, is never far from my side when I'm in the garden.

My herbs and color on the terrace at The Nut, back in 2019...

I just love to stand at the counter in the little kitchen at The Nut, looking out at the terrace and the flowers...and the view. The Nut is small, just like our home here in California.

It's perfect for us, and I can't wait to be standing right there, in the kitchen, looking out at that view...with a glass of wine in my hand. And some good music playing.

Looking out at Wonderland

It's even beautiful in the rain.

We don't know when we'll be able to return to Italy. We will patiently (yeah, right...) wait until the time is right. I can't wait to be on that plane, watching some silly movie with a glass of bad white wine in my hand...
As I've been saying for the past year...I'll never take it for granted. 
This lucky life of ours.

Until we see you again, Umbria- Stay Safe.


Monday, March 8, 2021

A Year Ago Today.....

 I haven't written in a long time, and I think today I might actually post this.

Like many of you, I'm reflecting on the impact Covid 19 has had on my life over the past year. Last year on March 8, Johnny and I were packed and ready to fly to Italy on the 9th.. We almost made it, too... damn. Looking back on that particular bummer, we're sort of glad we were turned back. 

You know, just sort of...sigh. 


Anyway, over the last 12 months we've really enjoyed the garden, working in the gallery, taking hikes in our area. We even went to the cabin a couple of times last summer. 

It's been pretty nice, and I can't complain. We live in a beautiful little house in a beautiful area. We are very, very fortunate.

But, man...I miss our second life over there. In Italy. And yes, dear readers, we are watching the Stanley Tucci show. We are watching every YouTube video we can find that walks us through the cities and hill towns we love...the Italian cooking shows, the travel name it we are finding it and watching it. Usually with a glass or 3 of wine as we tear up and cry.

So, I figured today would be a good day to post a bunch of photos you may have seen before, but who's counting. I needed to finally look at these photos again.

I found some fun pics, for sure...

Some of me doing what I love to do over there. A whole lotta nothin'!

I love being in Italy with Johnny, because it's a whole different kind of 'happy' that he gets when we're there...

Yeah, the two of us are like a couple of kids, trying to stay out of trouble, and we do...for the most part.

We miss the food...we love our food...

Eating out is always great!

Best. Pizza. Ever.

Best. Fried Artichokes. Ever.
(carciofi alla Giudia)

Best. Cacio e Pepe. Ever.

Damn. Good. Suppli.

Best. Ceci Bean Soup. EVER!
Thanks Aldo & Daniele!!

I could put so many pictures of amazingly tasty dishes here, but you can check out the blog and find it all...

I love our lunches on the terrace at our 'home away from home', which we call The Nut. 
God, I miss The Nut. We talk about The Nut multiple times a day, and then at night, too. Damn it!
We miss this...All of this...

Not sure if a car picnic counts as a great meal at home, or out...but we do enjoy this option!

We miss the day to day stuff. The day to day sights and sounds that I swear I will NEVER take for granted ever again. The time we've spent away from our 'home' over there has been more difficult than we would have imagined.

But of course...

We hope we can return by autumn to help pals with the olive harvest...

And then there's the hanging out at the random cafĂ© or bar. 

We do this. 

We do this a lot. 

We do this with gusto, I'd say.

We love the Italian tradition of wine with small bites that they bring you. If they don't, we always grab a couple of bags of chips. That's just the way we roll, baby.

It's also why we walk so much.

Bar Gallo is a most favorite, of course!

We know we'll return at sometime... hopefully in the near future, and we'll love our Nut more than ever...

That's us, at the top...A tiny bit of heaven with a great big view...

I miss the garden a lot.

So, as we head into year number two ( appropriate!), we'll just keep the dream alive, talk with our pals over there and try to stay somehow connected. 
For us, it means playing foosball, working in the garden, eating good food and lots of chips with wine, and taking long walks whenever we can.

We'll get there, I just know it.