Sunday, April 17, 2011

Texture In The Garden

  Yesterday when I got home from work, I took a walk around the garden. It's staying light later now, and I love that I can spend some decent time in the garden at the end of the day. The fancy "gallery girl" clothes come off, the grubby garden clothes are thrown on, and out I go.
  What was so noticeable in the early evening light were all the unplanned texture combinations. I would love to take credit for these combos, but that would be a big old lie. Many of the plants in my yard reseed themselves in the most wonderful ways...then they get too big and become a pain. But that's another story. At this moment, I will enjoy them and marvel at how fab it all looks. ( and maybe even take a little credit... )

Well, this is just one plant, a beautiful viburnum that has bronzy new growth.
I like the little sparks that the flowers make.

This variegated plectranthus is a favorite of mine, and I keep making cuttings to add everywhere.
Here, it is creeping up through the young leaves of geranium "Maderense".
What I love is the burgundy maple leaves with it.

More of the plectranthus, but here it
mingles with a variegated ivy geranium. They both do well in the semi-shade
Thanks to my good pal, Tasha, for sharing the ivy geranium!

This is great...the bluish succulent is so fine with the chartreuse flowers of
 euphorbia "Dean's Hybrid".

I can't remember the name of this variegated grass, but just recently the coprosma "Marble Queen"
started to work it's way through, making a stunning "garden moment".

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  1. I love being able to get my Janelle fix through your blog sweet lady! The pictures are inspiring me to get out to the yard....but it is still a bit soggy up hear in the Northwest. Today we saw the least I think that is what it was!