Monday, November 18, 2019

Rome Moments 2019

  Well, we've been home well over a week now, and in my mind I'm still in Italy. 
  I've had a tough time getting back into the groove here, but I'm back at work and trying to cope with re-entry, so to speak.
  One thing that helps, is taking time to do the blog and continue the adventure through my photos. So....

  We had a great last day in Rome before taking off...The weather was picture perfect. We took off just before the massive rains hit.
  We took an early train down to Rome from Chiusi, after dropping off our rental car (thanks, AutoEurope!), and headed out for a long day of tripping around the historic center. Rome is such a great city for walking.

  I enjoyed seeing all the greenery around the early spring, we don't get to see this...the leaves haven't quite come out yet. You could tell it was autumn, much of the foliage was starting to change color.

An amazing display of asparagus ferns!

If I lived in Rome, my balcony would look something like this...

 I love the narrow streets...

  I also love the rusty colors of the buildings...

  People watching is always fun, and on this trip I was not disappointed.

Note the musician and the dog on the steps. A typical day in Rome...

Kids on a field trip stopping for lunch.

  Rome is full of moments. I'm so grateful to have been here so many times. I always find something new, and this is why I love this city. Rome is filled with wonderful sights and sounds.

  We walk and walk and walk in Rome. At some point we will find ourselves gazing at the banks of the Tiber River. On a day with blue skies, it's magic...

  I like to visit the murals by artist William Kentridge, which were done in early 2016. They have gone through a lot since then, including almost being flooded and several bouts of graffiti. They are meant to be ephemeral, so it's interesting to watch them slowly disappear over time...

Going, but not yet gone...

  Of course we stop along our way for a sip and a bite. There are so many options, but we always end up at the same old favorite spots.

Finding it hard to say goodbye.
He promises me we'll be back soon, though....

I'm sad, but the Proseco always helps.

An old favorite watering hole in Trastevere.

  We can't help ourselves. Honest...If we our in Rome, we will head to Supplizio. It's a must for us. The best 'suppli' (deep fried rice balls with various stuffings) we've found. Even if we have lunch plans somewhere, we'll stop for a pre-lunch bite. 
  What can I say? We love this place.

This visit was lunch. We decided on a few bites here and there, throughout the day.


  After Supplizio, we walked and walked some more, then stopped for one more bite at another spot we like. Since we'd eaten already, we just treated ourselves to a bit of bruschetta. Perfect with our glasses of white wine.

The basic tomato, garlic and basil.

A tasty blend of oozy soft cheese, honey and truffle.
Oh, yum.

  It's always hard to leave our other life in Italy. It's becoming harder and harder. We do it, least until we can call it done and just live there full time. The dream continues, and we will do what we can until then.
  Spending our last day in Rome makes the transition a little easier, I guess.
  We are so fortunate. A couple of lucky souls are we...

See you soon, Italy...

Monday, November 4, 2019

Street Art: Rome

  Walking around Rome is always a joy. Everywhere I look, I see something I want to capture for a moment.
  Yesterday, I saw lots of street art, mostly in the Trastevere neighborhood. Lots of young folk around, and lots of space to create...

  Who knows....this could be an interesting installation work....

  I couldn't resist. I added our own little bitty 'hearts holding hands' logo to a wall:

  Writing this as we wait at gate E26. Next stop London-Heathrow.