Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pitigliano Side Trip

  A few days ago, we went to Pitigliano, a village in the southern part of Tuscany. I've always wanted to explore this area, and see this town in particular. I was intrigued by the fact that the village was built on the top of a 'tufa' hill...with caves that were dug out in the time of the Etruscans.
  AND...it has the remains of a Roman aqueduct! Who wouldn't want to visit?

Pretty impressive...

This is part of the aqueduct, with a beautifully blooming redbud below.

More aqueduct!

  The views from town were incredible...

I enjoyed seeing and hearing this waterfall below the village...

 There weren't many people around, so walking the streets was a treat...

  I really enjoyed the details around this lovely hill town. We lucked out with beautiful weather, too.

  There are three main streets with lots of shops. Some local artisans, markets with yummy food items, arts and crafts...also shops for the locals. It's a lively town, but I liked getting off the main drag and exploring the back streets and alleys.
  I especially liked these colorful doors and gardens...

  We spent the night, and I'm so glad we did. The evening light was stunning...

  We had a very simple dinner, which was tasty.

A wonderful mix of sheep and goat cheeses was a perfect first course.

House made 'pici' was perfect with a spicy red sauce.

  After dinner we took a last stroll before bed...

  I really wanted to see the view of town with the lights...

It was a perfect getaway!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Exploring Random Villages

  We popped over to Deruta about a week ago to buy some art supplies for Johnny.
  We took a little stroll around the historic center, and enjoyed a few sights...
  In the main piazza there is a civic building, sort of a city hall, where I saw these fragments that I thought I would like to steal and put in my California garden. They would look very nice in my garden...Don't you agree???

Sadly, I didn't swipe any of them.

  We just looked around for a bit, enjoying this and that...

A really lovely building facade...

  Though not a huge fan of the classic ceramics here, I did get a kick out of seeing this kitty soaking up the sun...

Dude, I totally relate!
It's been cold!

This terra cotta angel caught my eye...

Someone had a baby boy...

A beautiful scene with wisteria.

The way back to our car.

Wild violet seed pods were gorgeous to me...

  After heading home from Deruta, we decided to take some back roads. We like to find new villages to explore. You never know what you will see, or who you will meet and chat with...it's all about the adventure, as far as we are concerned.

  We came across this place, and thought we should stop and have a look around.

I don't remember the name of this village, but it had a friendly bar,
and that goes a very long way for us.

  We hiked on up to the old part of town-

There we found the town greeter, who is also the Mayor, I think.

  When I see a window like this in an old building, I can't help but peek inside...

Classic! I wonder when the last time was that someone came in here?

We also spied this scene through a garden fence.

  Back down below, we checked out the local war memorial. Every town has one, of course. There is usually a listing of names of fallen local soldiers for both the first and second world wars.
  This was no exception...

  We headed out, picked a road to take, and came across this tiny village, which we had to explore on this wisteria alone!

How could we not stop???
The perfume of this filled the entire area.

  The town itself was quiet.
  Really, really quiet.

  I did get some pretty good shots, none the less...

Stairs. Always stairs.

A well kept, but super sleepy village.

  They do have some damn nice wisteria here, though...
  Hey, please note the two gigantic black bumble bees I didn't know I captured in this photo!!! Awesome, or what?!?

I'm thinking this will be a photo for my upcoming coffee table book.
Available soon at a store near you.
Or not.

  The thing I dig about exploring these off the road villages is the details...I like to really look and see what I can find.
  Then, time for a photo.

Nice visiting you!

  We will always take the road less traveled...because we love what might be around the next corner.
  And...we are way too scared to drive the A1.