Friday, August 16, 2019

Early Morning On The Central Coast

  I love a morning walk without the summer fog...


Watching the sun rise is sweetness.

Blessed we are...

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Purple Haze

  No doubt about it, April is a magical month in central Italy. The weather starts to warm up a tad, though you may still have nasty days of wind and rain, but  Primavera is defiantly hard at work showing herself off in wonderful ways.

  I look forward to seeing all the wisteria vines come into full glory. What a show! 
  And that On a warm day, it's almost overwhelming. But just almost. I find it intoxicating in the best way. Just walk up and into one of these beauties, and you are surrounded by color, fragrance, the soft touch of purple petals on your skin...yummy.
A very sensual experience.
  Do take car to watch out for the hundreds of buzzing bees. Yes, there is always sound as well.

  Let's dive on in, shall we?

Near Lago Balsena.

Down a dirt road on our morning walk.

Outside the walls of a nearby hill town...

...zoom in on the waterfall from the shot before.

Morning walk magic.

In a garden of some friends.

A hidden gem waiting to be enjoyed.
Morning walk.

In Cortona.

We stopped in our tracks as we drove by....

It's time for Wisteria!
Note the huge bees.

On a random drive in the countryside...

...I do love this combination.

Closer to home.

A yearly favorite.

A close up shot.

Another beautiful combination.

In Arezzo. Nice parking lot, man.

A random pass by. Had to stop.

On a morning walk.

A surprise in a nearby town.

I love this color combination.

Random drive by.

At a favorite restaurant nearby.

Just couldn't resist the various shapes and colors.
On an afternoon walk.


Wish I could have gotten closer.
In Pittigliano.

Softest yellow and lavender make this a stunner.
In Deruta.

Why not?
Walking under.

Another local favorite.

Busting out of an old ruin...

A closer look.

I can't remember where I took this one.
Hmmmm...a palm tree? Hmmmmm....

In Orvieto.
I like this shot.

Another one in Orvieto.

Florence in bloom.

Walking through the haze.

  But... it's not only wisteria blooming. This year the 'Banksia' roses were wild! I may have to concentrate on these beauties next April. They are all over the area, as well, and they get huge!

  Yep...a preview for next spring:

Thursday, July 25, 2019

In The Garden: July 25

  Though it's been off and on foggy days, the garden is hanging in there and looking quite fine for July.

  Over the years, I've gotten rid of most of the roses I had planted when we first bought our home. Back then it rained more, and the use of water wasn't as much of an issue as it has become now. I tried to keep those roses going, but it was a losing battle against bugs and disease. Roses are either really hardy, or not. At least in my garden.
 At one point I was proud to say I'd planted 70 roses in my garden. Wow. Most were antique or English, many thrived for years, then went into slow decline. I hated taking them out, but it was a must.
  I have a handful now, and they seem to be the hardiest of hardy...

'Sombreuil' never fails to knock me out...
She's fragrant, too!

David Austin's 'Tamora' is a beauty...

'Cornelia' never stops blooming, as long as I am good about feeding her.

 Now I have loads of succulents. They give me so much pleasure, and fulfill my need for texture and color, without a ton of water...LOVE!

In the morning light. Magic!

Getting ready to explode into orange blooms...

 A few garden moments from this morning. I make sure that I have enough time to walk around the garden every morning before heading out to work.
  What a wonderful way to start the day.

One of my many Japanese Maples. This one has a
friend taking over...geranium 'Maderense'.
The massive leaves are so similar!

The bees are loving the blooms of the
Drumstick Alliums.

The seedpods of 'Dianella' are always fun to see.
A very tough plant, too.

One of several St. Francis statues we have collected.

An 'oldie' but a goody! The hummingbirds love it.


  We have many admirers of our garden, but I think our friend and garden assistant, Pedro, is the one who loves our garden as we do. Last week he left us this little scene, in honor of our new paint job on the house...

Thanks, Pedro. You are the best!