Sunday, June 11, 2017

An Ongoing Love Affair

  Now that we are back in the States, we are getting back to our routine. This often includes driving to the San Fransisco Bay Area to deliver paintings to clients, or going to see Mom & Dad. We do both regularly, thank goodness.
  We knew we were going to the Palo Alto area for a delivery, so decided to look up what was happening/showing at The Anderson Collection and The Cantor Arts Center on the Stanford University campus grounds nearby. We have seen several dynamite shows there, and it's always good to check in and see what's up.
  To my delight, The Anderson had a small selection of Nick Cave's awe inspiring 'Soundsuits' on display! Woo-Hoo! 

    We'd seen an extensive display of Cave's 'Soundsuits' in Florence, back in 2012, and I didn't know if we'd ever have an opportunity to see more, so we made sure we would have enough time to: 
1) Deliver Paintings
2) See Great Art
3) Go To IKEA (gulp)

  Yeah, we are masochists. 
  But, in our defense, we had a great day, and slept like new born kittens that night. Meow.

 ( I was only a little bummed that there were just eight pieces, but hey, we rarely get to see any of Nick Cave's work, so it was fine. Plus, the rest of the collection is wonderful and we spent a good chunk of time enjoying it all. )


  I've chosen to let the Soundsuits speak for themselves. Just shots of the whole piece, and close-ups.

  He uses all sorts of flotsam and jetsam to create these suits, which are actually made to wear for performance art pieces, and I find it all so extraordinary...the use of old potholders, stuffed animals, beads, old toys, hair, twigs, etc, etc, etc....Texture and color and, in performance, sound...Remarkable!

  Each suit has leggings, too. Nice touch, Mr. Cave.


  I believe there are several helpers in his studio that are there to support the undertaking. Some of the bead work and button work is so extreme...It must take hours and hours of eye straining dedication.

  That's the show.
  If you are at all intrigued by this work, you can go online for loads of images, videos, and information.
  Just remember, it's Nick Cave Artist...Not Nick Cave & The Seeds, a popular band from days gone by.
  The show runs through August 14, 2017 at The Anderson Collection on the Stanford University Campus. Go.

  Here is a short, very cool Youtube video that gives you an idea of the 'Suits in action. There are many more you can find online.