Sunday, August 19, 2018

Waiting To Return

  It' been a tough few weeks...But there is a very large light at the end of the tunnel. Something to look forward to is what the doctor ordered.
Says me.

  After surgery almost a month ago, immediately followed by hellish shingles...which I'm still suffering from...I'm ready to move forward. Knowing that we hop on a plane soon is much needed RX. 
  I'm a little concerned about how I'll be feeling, but we are determined to make it work.
  Slowly healing, getting as much rest as I can, and excited by our upcoming show of Johnny's 2018 Spring paintings.
  Then it's off to Italy. Sigh.

  Still much to do, which is always the case. New to me--trying to get it done without stress and worry. Breathe, breathe, breathe...count to ten, repeat.
  Stress and worry are my enemies. My constant companions, yes, but it's time to re-program the system. Easier said than done, but I'm working on it.

  A favorite way to relax....go through photos from the previous trip and start writing!
  So, following Doctor's goes!

  This will be our first time heading back to Umbria for a long chunk of time in the fall. We have spend a couple of weeks a few times, usually in Venice for the Biennale. But this year, for no particular reason, we are just going for it. 
  One reason is that our trip in spring was so damn cold! We, we be there when it's warm, damn it.


On arrival, March 2018.
Front yard at The Nut.

By the time we left at the end of April,
things were looking up at The Nut.

  We are looking so forward to warm days and nice evenings...Not the brutal heat of summer (see posts from July 2017), but the gorgeousness of autumn.

  I can't wait for my daily stretches on the terrace at sunrise....

Watching the sunrise turn Lago Trasimeno pink is a joyful thing.

  The slow and simple day to day routine....

Tending flowers and herbs on the terrace...

Enjoying the view with coffee...

Heading home after a morning walk...

Relaxing at the lake.
Though I doubt I'll need my 'puffy coat'!

  Taking drives to small villages, or through the countryside is always relaxing. Just being able to see the local beauty is what I love. And it does slow down my heart rate, big time.

  The surrounding landscape will be so different than springtime, and I just can't wait to see the changes.
  The markets will have seasonal treats we don't get to enjoy in spring. This will be fun! 
  And our local piazza won't look like this, will be full of travelers from all over.

We do love the piazza in late winter, early spring...
Not many folks around. September will be a big change.

  I'm looking forward to some serious meals, of course. Both at home, and at our favorite hidden spots.

Dinner at The Nut.

Favorite pastas at a truck stop.

Ravioli and risotto at a wonderful Trattoria...

One of our favorite hidden spots...
Picnic in the car where ever we decide.

Suppli in Rome.

It does not disappoint!

Perfect twice fried artichokes.

  I guess my very favorite thing is watching Johnny unwind. 

Why not hop the train and head to Venice for a night?

  Did I mention the day to day?

  Catching up with our pals is always a treat. We can't wait to hear all the news and spend precious time with them...

  When we left in spring, I was a sad cookie....

At the train!

  But after a tough couple of months, we're going back, come hell or high water, baby!
  I visualize myself on the terrace at sunset, a glass of wine at hand and a bowl of chips in easy reach.
  All is well with the world....

  Hey, if you want to stay posted about the upcoming show-Keep checking the link below. The show opens Sept 1.
  Coming Soon!