Saturday, February 22, 2014

Troppo Gatti….Lots Of Cats

  We live in a small coastal town that is well known as being "dog friendly". This is so very true. There are loads of them, often hanging out in their owners' shops, walking the sidewalks on leashes, or running on the beach. Most shops here even have little water bowls and baskets of "treats" for them. 

 I gotta say, it's a bit much, though, to see just how many of them are pushed about town dressed in full on baby clothes…and nestled comfortably in high end baby strollers. Seriously.
  Hey, it takes all kinds, right?
  Naturally, cats get short shrift, for the most part. Although the new owners of the place next to our gallery have a very friendly and flirty shop cat. It's a start….

  In Panicale, it seems that most dogs are "working" dogs…living outdoors and keeping a close eye on the sheep, chickens, etc. We have some doggie pals in Panicale, for sure….but….
  … dyed-in-the-wool cat lovers, we love seeing all the Italian kitties around the towns we visit. 
  Panicale has a kitty over population problem, as do many of the towns, but the family cats are well loved and seem to have a pretty sweet set-up. 
  The feral cats are taken care of, too. Left over pasta seems to be the staple food for them. The locals get tired of them, as they tend to dig up gardens to poo, and the scent of cat spray can get overwhelming at times. 
  Me, I just like getting to know them, take some pictures…maybe even get close, like we did last year…with Mitchell. She was so very dear, so shy and sweet…..

Classic shot of Mitchell

  We both hope she is still with us, because she was a nice part of last years visit to Panicale. We worked hard to make pals with her, and once we cracked her little shy shell, it was all over. We had ourselves little love-fests every day.

  There are lots of other cats, too….some that we see regularly on our walks….

A Panicale cat

This one is fat & happy, and super friendly.

Another often seen, but super shy cat.

  This little sweetheart, in the two next shots, has Johnny in her sight. She sees him coming, and it's all over. She is super friendly, and loves being rubbed and pet….I want to take her home with us, but she belongs to a grandma nearby.

This youngster is very easy to love. And super "rubby"

Here she is being rubby…..her most natural state.

  Mostly, I just try to get a nice little portrait. Cats do like to pose….. and they look so good with the stone buildings in the background.

    Of course they come in all sorts of colors……..

  They even have little jobs, like keeping track of artwork in important galleries.

Keeping it under control

  Though usually solitary creatures, we like to see them being social sometimes...

  This rather large group, below, hangs out near the place where the fisherman clean and sort the days catch. 
  It's fishy.

Wait…What the…?!? Oopsey…..

  Did I mention how they like to pose? It's so true. Cats love to pose, they love to be flattered and they love to be the center of attention, as long as you don't ask them to "fetch".

Waited all winter for this day…..

You don't see me, right?

I'm not here, either.

Just so happy for the mid day nap-a-thon

Another poser.

I will not look at you. No matter what.

Me, either. Plus, I know you can't see me.

She was very sweet and so camera ready. Poser. 

Right, and the view ain't bad, either…..Cortona poser.

I will totally hypnotize you, if you don't go away.

  Because she looks a lot like our gone but never forgotten little Birdy, this cat holds a special place. She lives in Panicale, and I always love to see her.

A little bit of Birdy, right here in Panicale…...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mirror Shots!!! It's Officially A Tradition!

  It's just a spot-o-fun, don't ya know…these silly mirror shots.  And why not? A great way to capture a moment, and get us both (most of the time) in the picture. 

  The great thing is that these traffic mirrors are everywhere. I love the really old mirrors…they have a great patina, good rusty spots and nice vintage color.
  You never know how the shot will turn out, or what will pop up in the background…..

  Just some good, silly fun!

Howdy, friends.

This mirror is in all our "Mirror Shot" mixes, since it's along our morning walk…
Johnny is carrying his painting gear, too. 


Just outside the walls of Paciano.

That's the local cemetery behind us. I remember this day…we went way up,
over the hill and back down to the road. Good walk!

Hmmmm…no idea where this is….

Outside the walls of Paciano…another well known "Mirror Shot"!

This one looks like it's laying on the ground,
but really…it's near Panicale on a hillside.
Must be warm, too.. I have on my "warm day" shoes.

Another morning walk shot, on a very nice day, too.

I'm thinking this is near the Panicale cemetery, too….

  As usual, Mr. J gets tired of my constant photo demands, so I just go it alone. He's either standing just outside the shot, sitting in the car waiting, or back in the studio, painting. I do enjoy my "solo" walks.

On the road between Paciano and La Saporita….

While Mr. J was painting, I took a stroll into town. This is just outside Valiano.
I mostly wanted the great street sign…..

The little chapel in La Mura. Sigh…I love this.

See that house in the mirror? I swear I saw
Stanley Tucci drive down that little driveway.
Forever to be known as "Stanley Tucci's House". 

Ok, so this one was intense…see the small sign on the right? It's a "beware of dog" sign,
and there actually was a huuuge German Shepherd barking and throwing it's nasty self at the fence
while I quickly took the photo. Yikes! Anything for the shot…..

Ummmm…Passignano, maybe? Not sure….

And I was just beginning to think I only brought my black coat...

We loved our little red Peugeot, and hope we get another one just like it this year.
It must have been a really nice warm day.

  A few more shots with both of us. I think they were taken near the end of the trip, too.

Standing at the corner of
"This Is Where I Want To Be" and "I'm So Happy I'm Here".

A very fine view.

A classic mirror just outside the little park
 in Panicale. It's all backwards…..

  Well, I guess I better find lots more new mirrors. I want this to remain  a Live Pronto tradition. 
  So, unties next time (which is shockingly soon….), we say:

Signing off for now!