Sunday, December 16, 2018

Morning Walk, Del Monte Beach

  Ah, the Morning Walk...what's not to love? 
  Well, ok...the 5am wake up call can be annoying, but at least we wake up to (loud) classical music.

  Most of you know that we walk. And walk. And walk. We walk most mornings here in California, and we walk most, but not as many mornings when we are back in Umbria. We also get up later in Umbria, because we can. No job to get to, and all that. 
  Luxury... blissful luxury, to sleep in. Oooooh.

  I've posted many, many times about our 'First Morning Walk' on Live Pronto. Just click on March of any year, and I'll bet you'll find a Morning Walk post. I usually kick off our visits to Umbria with a post on Morning Walks.
  I. Am. So. PREDICTABLE. Sigh. 
  (In a very small voice..."but i like my morning walks...")

  Ok, back to it.
  Here on the Central Coast, California...
  This morning there was an exceptional sunrise over the Monterey Bay area. Man, it was good. I had already decided I wanted to do a post, and had been taking my camera with me in the morning, just in case. This time of year we have fantastic sunrises and sunsets...
  This morning did not disappoint.

  It started out all grey and yellow...

Looking East, of course.

I rounded the uphill corner, and knew something special was happening. My favorite grove of eucalyptus trees were going all pinkish...

True color.

  The sky had burst into color so fast!

  Heading down the hill, the ocean herself was all dressed in pink!

The dunes, too, were aglow.
Honest, it was this color.

  Morning walks can get somewhat dull, but not today. The sky just kept changing things up. Yellows, golds, pinks and oranges...and blue. Can't forget the blue component.

Looking West, over the dunes.

High Drama.

I loved this little "Pink Cloud Party" that showed up all of a sudden!
Dude, if I'm ever in another band..I know what the name will be.


Back down the hill, oceanside, it was an entirely different scene...But still plenty of color, especially cool to see on the surface of the water.

Looking North.

Looking South. Sort of.

Looking right at the waves, crashing, always crashing...

 We walk a couple or three laps up and down this hill.
  (Side note: I'm not supposed to walk on the soft sand. I have a slight Achille's tendon issue, so I have to stay on the bike trail above the beach.)

  On the second lap up the hill, the sky was going golden. That darn sun was coming up yet again.

My favorite trees were now enjoying some sunshine.
We often see Hawky-Hawk perched in this grove, soaking in the first rays of sun.

 Of course, with the sun peeking through the clouds, I had a chance to play with my very own Shadow.
  I loves my Shadow...

Whatcha doing' Shadow? Where ya been...and who with?
Tell all, my dear Shadow...

The reason for my Shadow showing up.
Hello, Sunshine!

Down the hill, the native dune plants looked happy.
Shadow, too.

 Mmmmm. Yummy texture and color.

Oh, Shadow, whatcha doing' now?
And in God's name, whatcha got on??!?

Shadow's photos are always pretty dang good.


The sun headed back behind the clouds that will hopefully bring some rain later this evening.

Come on, Rain! It's your turn!


  We were so grateful to have another Morning Walk.

  Blessed, are we. Blessed are we...