Sunday, November 6, 2016

Is It November 9th Yet?

  With only a couple of hyper anxiety-inducing days left before this insane election is over, all I can do to calm my overwrought nervous system is:

  1) Take morning walks and watch the sun come up as I listen to waves breaking on the beach.
  2) Practice 'Yoga Breathing' several times an hour.
  3) Mindful Meditation.
  4) Drink lavish amounts of wine whilst eating copious amounts of potato chips.

  And last, but by far the most important in these hellish times we Americans are going through....

  5) Relive tranquil moments spent in Umbria, as I look ahead to the next trip, which will be here before I know it, THANK GOD.



  Hey, call me when it's over, ok?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Perhaps It's The End Of The Gnomes...Sigh.

  Back in the good old days, I knew what to expect as far as garden gnomes were concerned...

A bit of this....

...some of this...

...and a whole lot of this.

  But something very wicked this way has come, Dear Readers, and I fear the worst.

  The 'Gnome Phenomenon', in my humble opinion, has reached critical mass.
  And I mean CRITICAL.

  Really, people? Must it come to this?

Spock! You should know better!

  Or this?

Good Lord, no.

  For God's sake, what were they thinking?

Have we no decency????!?

  Hey, I don't want to rain on anyone's little gnome parade, but it just seems as though the genre has been taken to, ummmm...the extreme?

And I'm a zombie fan!
But this crosses so many lines of wrong, dude!

   When I found THIS travesty, below, I just knew that I'd have to reconsider my yearly Gnome-A-Thon, here at "Live Pronto"...

Enough is enough.

  This all being said, I did get some last parting Gnome Shots to share...sigh...perhaps for the last time.

  Is this really the end? We'll see what turns up in 2017.
  I have to admit, it's getting really hard to find any of these fellows that I haven't already shown here before, in previous years....


He'll keep the light on for you.

This guy either has serious neck issues, or...
he's just jolly.

I'm just hang in' out with my Duck Lamp.

Me, you & a couple of toads.
NOW it's a party.

I have absolutely no idea how I'm going
to get this hunk -o- wood into my wee fireplace....

Heeehhh Ducky, wanna play checkers...ehehhehehhh.

I love this new lip color.... 

Hey, Dopey...Grab the bunny and let's make a run for it...

  I can't believe I found three Snow Whites! Of course, she doesn't have all her Seven Dwarves, but at least it almost seems like she does.
  In my book, that's just fine.

A classic line up.
Snow White looks exhausted. Must be from searching for Sneezy...

I would love to have this group..
Honest. The patina is fantastic...

Maybe not last, but defiantly not least...
I especially like the addition of a second giant sized Dopey.
We all could use more Dopey, me thinks.

  We'll see how it goes, but I may have milked this Gnome thang as much as I could.
  (does that sound as weird to you as it does to me?)
  I have enjoyed keeping an eye out at all times for these devious characters, and it's always been a hoot when I have found new ones lurking beneath a shrub or on a let's just wait and see what the future holds, shall we? 

  I think we have to.