Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Good Stuff

  The Good Stuff?
  It's just the moments that are so fun to reflect back on. Moments that I can't help but capture, not knowing why or when I might want to revisit for a blog post here and there.
  Random shots that, at the time, seem relevant in some way....Oh, maybe I'll do a post about textures, colors, city life...maybe flowers blooming...shrines? Sure, why not? Food...always!

  Then, as I go back through my thousands (true) of photos, I am blown away. Not by the pictures themselves (though I do have to pat myself on the back at times), but by the actual idea that I could possibly get my act together enough to follow through with all these 'ghost-posts'!
  Who am I trying to kid? I'll be lucky to get my 'Mirror Shots' and this year's 'Gnomes' on record before we hop back on a plane and leave again!
  And then the damn photos start all over....jeez. 

  So, though I had every intention to write a post today about everyday 'details', with photos arranged in groups of subject matter, I think instead I'll just throw these on out there, in the order they were taken, for the most part.
  I love every shot, and many speak for themselves. These are just random bits of any given day we spend in Italy, and I think I like this idea a whole bunch the more I sit here and poke away at my keyboard, dang it. 
  Plus, since I nailed down the rental car today for the next trip, I'm getting more and more excited, which is always the best way to get motivated and blog!

  Andiamo, i miei amici!! 


One of Mr. J's favorite art supply stores.

It's gotta be Remo, in Rome.

A favorite locally produced wine, here enjoyed
at Simone & Lorena's osteria in Panicale.

...and we are right where we should be.

Morning walk.

Dashboard wildflowers.

Johnny's dream ladder.

My dream garden fence.

Caught while Johnny was painting.

At the lake.

The morning set up.

My next Halloween costume.

A charming moment.

It's all about the gold stars.

It's all about the rust.

My head is in those clouds.

My other next Halloween costume.


A scene in Rome.

Another type of scene in Rome.

Sculpture at the lake.

A lovely herb garden.

Our walking sticks.

In a nearby borgo.

More dreams for my garden....

In a nearby church.

A scene at Lucia's.

It's all about the bees, baby.

A shrine outside of Montepulciano.

The massive wisteria in Tavernelle.
We visit it every year.

Me in love with my new camera's 'micro' setting.

Wildflowers that almost look fake.
They aren't....


...and roses....

....and some more roses.

  That's about it.
  Except for this sweetest little last picture, which was taken on our very last day, at the train station below Panicale.....

  Waiting for the train that would take us to the airport that would send us home.