Monday, October 30, 2017

Looking Back Ten Years

  In but a few short hours, we will be in the air...heading back to Umbria for a spell.
  It's become a comfortable routine....

  Ten years ago, though, Umbria was not yet on our 'to do' list. We wanted Venice. We wanted New York. Venice for the Biennale, New York for Manhattan. So we combined the two, and never looked back.
  In a few short hours, we will be on the way to Umbria, and though New York is not in this plan, the Venice Biennale is. 
  I can't wait....But since I have to, I decided to look back at some memories of that first jaunt to the Big Apple, on way to our first Biennale adventure....

We stayed near Washington Park, ate well and walked all over.
Saw tons of art....and a few major sights.

We need to return. It's been far too long.

  Two nights in the city were not enough, and we've returned a couple of times, but it's been awhile. Perhaps in the spring...?

  Afterwards, we couldn't wait to see Venice for the first time. We booked a two week stay in a small apartment with a view of a small canal out one window, and this out the other:

Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo.
We loved listening to the small groups of tourists as
they came into the tiny courtyard...

  Out the other side of the apartment, we watched the gondolas go by....

A good 'first time' visit.
We've loved Venice ever since.

  This will be our fifth visit for the Biennale, a city wide exhibition of the world's best contemporary artists. We try to make it every two years....
  Back then, ten years ago, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I like to think I still am, so... I still am.

Camera ready...but the blog would be about five years away.

A favorite place we visit each time for lunch.
Out near Burano, on the island of Mazzorbo,
this trattoria is still very old school.

  We've learned so much during our various stays in Venice, but mostly...I just think she is lovely.

  I. Can't. Wait.
  To see tons of art, that is.....

  I'm certain I'll be taking lots of photos, eating amazing food, sipping some great wines....
  All in all, experiencing this lovely city in all her glory.

No idea I'd have a blog and share these photos some day,
like ten years later!

  Oh, did I mention the art?

Johnny is not as enthusiastic about this sort of thing,
but I just love it. He likes paintings.
There is something for everyone.

  Johnny is pretty excited, too. We've read some good things about this we are ready.

A favorite....

  I booked an amazing place this year, and can't wait to be there.
  Later, we'll head back to Umbria for a couple of weeks, to touch base with the apartment and friends. The back and forth is getting easier and easier.
  I can feel it already. First time in November, so we'll be ready for whatever weather will be thrown our way.
  Hey, it's all good.
  After all, it's Italy.

  I'll be busy posting once we settle in, so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

It's Me!

  Here's the thing.
  I have been going through our new iPhoto program (is that what you call it?), and with the new operating system we had installed a while back, every photo that's on my laptop, Johnny's iPod, laptop and old iPad...are all on the gallery desktop computer.
  Thank you "Cloud"...grrrr.

  I know, I know... too much information...but there is a point here.
  The point is, I'm working slowly, but surely through the 15,000+ photos so I can separate the personal ones from the 'gallery essential' ones. It's a big job!

  While doing this, I've come across a bunch of photos that Johnny has taken of me...yes, ME! I'm the one who usually takes photos of him, and all other sorts of stuff.
  There are so many 'me' photos which I had NO IDEA existed. What fun to see these! They only span a few years, mostly from Italy...but such a trip for me to see.

  Many are of me taking pictures. Lots are taken from behind, as Johnny and I are walking wherever we walk. There are a couple I may have posted before...some delightfully un-flattering shots of me eating food...
  All and all, big fun...for me, at least. I thought maybe you would get a kick out of these, too.

  Plus, we're getting ready to head over to Italy again, and looking through old photos is always a fun way to get excited about returning.

  Here goes nothing-

I am so ready.

Nice light, but what am I taking a picture of?

On a morning walk.

In Gubbio.

My 'Step Garden' at the apartment we loved
and stayed at many times:
The Artisan's House' 

Day trip in Rome

  What I do notice is that I always wear the same thing...I need to do some thrift store shopping when we're back, man.
  I am so blown away by this. I just never knew he took so many pictures of little old me...

Using my mad language skills to chat with Marcello.
I am so happy I can speak with the locals... more and more each visit.

I guess it's what I do.

I love me some pizza.
A favorite spot. I especially love the pizza Margarita.

Shopping for springtime color.

Getting a close up shot 

  We took a little side trip to Bettona, on the way to Montefalco one time, and met this local gentleman that told us about the Etruscan rock wall that was part of the newer walls around the village.
  We found our way there, and then were approached by another local senior fellow that pointed out the real sight for we tourists, the 'Cinta Muria', which features a rock that has eroded into the shape of, well.... a butt.
From an official Umbria Tourism website:

 In this area the twelve visible rows have varying heights and a different state of conservation, some with perfectly fitting joints, others with obvious signs of the erosive action exerted from the elements on the sandstone, who left in some cases unusual shapes, one in particular known as "the ass of the nuns". 

You can just make out the butt rock up above us, sort of in between us...
Anyway, I've never seen this picture until today.

Me in Montefalco.

So damn tough, girl.

Knowing Mr. J, he wanted the photo of the cute 'ape'.

I love a good train ride.
Take me away.....

I adore this one, because I adore the woman I am sitting with.
Again, first time I've seen this. Today.
We are in the back room of Bar Gallo.

Veggie platter, anyone?
I guess I wanted a very close up shot.

A favorite watering hole.
With sparkle boots on. Never seen this one.

I like this one a lot.

Same day as the one above.
A wonderful little spot near Panicale.

Just getting' down to business here.
Simple is often best, baby.

Morning walk to Missiano.

I'm pretty sure this was taken on the walk back
from getting bread in nearby Paciano.
Never seen it before...

  Ok, if you are bored by all these pictures are welcome to check out now, because there's a bunch more.
  I swear, I will not hold it against you. But come on, who wouldn't want to see the next shot?!?!??

Totally caught in action!
You take a slice, fold, and chow down, sister.

I suppose I'm happy because food is on it's way.
Pienza, Trattoria 'Latte di Luna'.

Another very favorite place we love to hang out at.
View from Lucia's...

Remember this happening, just didn't
know he was taking pictures.
Picking wild tulips in the olive grove.

Looks like a walk, but why did I have my purse? That sucker is heavy.
Who knows.

Pescatore is Heaven.
You can see Panicale way over there, if you know where to look.

Don't ask me...All I know is there are dominoes on the table.
And wine.

I just can't get over these..
I guess he's a 'sneaker' photographer.

Not fair. I was napping before lunch.
Waiting our turn for a table at a special spot.

Basquiat exhibition in Rome.
Johnny is really good at taking pictures of the back of me.

Checking out the menu in Cortona.

I guess he loves me.

    And just so he doesn't get all pushed outta shape, here's a couple of my favorite shots of him.....

With the gang in Panicale.

Celebrating a rare (very) foosball win!
I love you, too, baby.