Saturday, January 19, 2019

Paris On My Mind...And In My Future

  WARNING Dear Readers:
  This is a long blog post. 
  Grab a glass or cup of something yummy, and get comfortable.

  It's been almost ten years since we've spent time in Paris...
  I'm looking back today, because we are going to spend a week there before we head to Umbria in March. We think it's time.
  It may be cold there in March, but the last time we were there it was winter...New Year's Eve of 2009-2010, and it was beyond chilly.

  It was a wonderful winter adventure. A last minute trip. A pal called with the offer of an apartment for a couple of weeks, gratis, and we jumped on this fantastic opportunity.
  Winter be damned!! It was Paris, after all!

  It was a Winter Wonderland, at least for a couple of days...

Look, Johnny!

So pretty...but Brrrrrrr!

  On that last trip to Paris, way back when, we arrived just after Christmas and stayed until mid January. People were everywhere, as the European winter holidays were in full swing...

Everyone was bundled up, including us.

  We really enjoyed seeing the decorations around town. What a treat!
  Notre-Dame was pretty day and night....

Champs-Élysées in all her holiday glory...

We didn't try, but it was big fun to watch the ice skaters.

I just loved these red trees.
Every Christmas we think about these red trees...sigh.

    It snowed just a day or two. The rest of the time it was cold...mid 20's, for the most part, but no wind or rain. We walked all over town, enjoying the sights, and most of the cafés had outdoor heaters.
  The days were really short. It got light around 8:30-9:00 in the morning, and dark by 4! The light was fantastic.

An early morning full moon...

A fantastic view from the Louvre.

Let's want to sit outside?
I didn't think so. Maybe in spring.


  I was so ready for fireworks at midnight at the Eiffel Tower on New Year's Eve, but all we got was a light show. I need to go back on Bastille Day, I think!

It was still really cool, with LOUD music.
And a million people going nuts. Big Fun!

  We fell in love with Paris a long time ago. Paris was our first trip abroad, and it stuck.
  We've been several times, but not since that winter trip in 2009/10.

  One of my favorite trips was April/May 2005...It was gorgeous.

Me, a long time ago...enjoying Paris.
Sigh. My hair was so long...

  This was way before I started my blog, or we started our annual trips to Umbria...In fact, Johnny took all the photos back then. We were both still working, so our trips were a week or two at the most. 
  We loved every minute.

  Paris in spring 2005 was pretty much a film set:


That blue! That green!

  It was beautiful. Perfect weather, gorgeous clouds and blue skies...
  These are just a collection of photos I think are nice to share, if you like Paris.

Yeah, we fantasize about renting one of these 'houseboats', too.
Doesn't every lover of Paris?

We love watching the Tour de France (on TV), especially when
they come zooming around this area!

One of Johnny's favorite art supply stores.
It's a classic...Sennelier, along the Seine.

Me, a long time ago, still enjoying Paris.

 I know the leaves won't be on the trees, and the gardens won't be at their blooming best in March, but we are used to Umbria in March, and we always have a blast. We can handle the cold.

  That being said, Johnny will sure miss these sailboats, if they aren't out...

We love walking everywhere, but also pop onto the metro when we are pooped, or heading way far out.
We want to try buses this time, too.

This would be our #1 mode of transportation, though!
Haha. I can't even imagine trying to drive in Paris.

I knew what they meant about "April in Paris" after that visit, for sure.

  Our first experience with European outdoor markets was in Paris. The colors, flavors, textures...they blew our minds. 
  Still do.

  Yeah, it's time to revisit Paris.
  I'll be having some big fun taking photos myself this time. And hey, I can't wait to see what fun we have eating. Mmmmmm!

As I sit at my work desk, trying to get my act together to prepare taxes, work schedules, pay bills... I know the big perk is just around the corner.
  Thank you, Powers That Be!


  1. these are some pretty fantastic photos! The second one caused me to gasp, because I've stood RIGHT THERE. I wish I could remember where it was...between the Seine and the Les Marias, for sure. Further up the walkway, I got a photo of a nun existing the church and heading briskly up the walkway.

  2. Can't wait to see what photos will come from your March trip. Quite a city to love.

  3. If only our local farm to markets in any of our US cities had such beautiful vegetables .... Wow, people would flock to buy.