Friday, July 14, 2017

July In Umbria 2

  As we sip our 'morning cup' in bed, well before the sun rises, I look forward to taking our walk in the cool air of dawn.
  The weather has moved from temps in the 90's down to the 80's, so things are opposed to sweltering.

  All I can hear at this moment are the sounds/songs of a zillion birds. I actually saw my first porcupine (alive) the night before last, and it was the most perfect creature in the world. 
  Hope to go to a farmer's market today....
  Life is pretty much grand.

  My camera and I have been busy, but not too. 
  I thought I had lost some photos from our first morning here, but they showed up again....thankfully.   Here they are-

Another shot of the onion field below our road.
I'm just smitten by these.

Long morning shadows.

Sunflowers and hay bales make for drama in the morning light.

A favorite scene we have seen for years now.

 There are vegetable gardens tucked in spots all over the countryside. They are the domain of men, for the most part. In April, we watch as they are being tilled and planted. What a treat to see them in their glory now.
  This a small one we walked by the other morning-

Tomatoes on the vine.

Sweetest melons ever.

More tomatoes...for sauce I imagine.

  Yesterday we tripped on down to the lake to see what's shaking.
  Not much...just what we were hoping.

Light lunch for two at the lake. yummy.

  More slow, sleepy days to come...stay tuned.


  1. Janelle & Johnny: following your adventures in Umbria. Your blog reinforces our decision to avoid Italy in July-August, given your comments about heat! Like you, used to cooler temps found here in Pac N/W. We will be in Panicale end of September for 2.5 mos & will use your blog as guide to appetizing things to do. Ciao