Monday, July 10, 2017

Waiting At The Airport...

  While we wait to board....and we are always, like, three hours early...I thought I'd whip out a quick post here.
  We really can't wait to et back to Umbria. It's going to be hot. Really hot...and the two of us are not used to this. It's not Phoenix hot, but temps in the nineties are not the norm for us.
  We live on the's foggy, gray and sometimes downright cool in the summer. So we are preparing ourselves for warmest weather. Johnny even brought shorts AND short sleeved shirts! Whoa! Not t-shirts...he'd never do that...but short sleeves, none the less. 
  Me? I just plan to be nekked the whole time, thank you very much. 
  No, not in public...jeez!

  Really, we just plan to hang out at the new apartment(!!!), mostly sipping something cool in the pergola.....looking at the lovely garden....

  Since I'm just killing time here at SFO, I went through some photos and found a few to share. 
  Waiting is the pits, but we are sticklers for being here early so we can chill and watch the world go by. Having something fun to do, like this, helps. And I really just can't wait...

  We heard it's not so bad, actually the mornings, so I hope we can get in our mandatory 'morning walks'....

On a morning walk in March....

  I really want to take the boat out to one of the islands, maybe stay into the evening to enjoy the sunset. Maybe even take a dip in the water???

View from Isola Polvese 

  Drives in the country will be so different. Hotter than hell, and most likely dry...We are used to the lusciousness of green in spring....

  We had a blast getting the apartment all furnished and such when we were there in March & April...Friends helped... a lot!

We had help from the always smiling Bruno. We bought a few pieces of furniture
from pals that are moving out, so it was sad for them, but sweet for us.
Thanks to all!

We look forward to going to the weekly markets for produce, because it will also be a different scene. Stone fruits...Can't wait! I wonder what we'll be seeing and eating in this entirely new season.

  We cooked a few times in the fireplace at the new place, and it was a hoot. yummy, for sure...but it will be way to hot to even consider this wonderful option. This will have to wait until the next visit...

The fixings for a grilled radicchio panzanella salad. Yeah, it was awesome.

  Looking forward to reconnecting with our lovely landlord, and his two kitties, Nemo & Tiger Lily.

Ciao, gatti!

  And, of course, we'll be spending long evening hours in the piazza..Not too far to walk to...If it's cooled off, that is.

  Well, I think I'll turn this thing off and stretch me legs again.
  It's going to be a very long day.


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