Monday, July 24, 2017

Walking & Watering

  We have been so lucky to have met some wonderful folks here in Umbria. This past week, one pal needed to pop down to Rome to visit family, and she asked if we could keep an eye on her garden.
  It's been so hot, anything in a container needs water every day, sometime twice (!), so we said said of course-
  She lives just up the hill, and we worked our garden visits into our walks. We went a few times, sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening.

Setting out down the hill to the main road.

A favorite group of trees we pass by.

  These shots were taken in the early morning, before it became too hat to be in the sun.
  This is so hard to get used to!
  I'm kind of dreaming about fog back home....yikes.

I envy these huge Russian Sage bushes!
I've tried them at home, but no luck-

We love this special garden....


After watering on this day, we took a new route down to the hardware store. It took us through the dry fields, beautiful in their own way....

Good Morning, Morning Glory!
On a fence surrounding this veg garden.

Our little compound from the fields.

  The tractors have been busy baling hay all week-

  I've gotten used to the difference in the landscape, but not the heat. When we are here full time some day, we'll n need to learn just how to handle the hot, hot days and high humidity after a summer rain. It's going to take time....

Panicle from the fields below.

  What we have really loved, though....Sunflowers...Lots of sunflowers!

Sunflowers and corn living together in perfect harmony.
I think there's a song in here somewhere.....

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