Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Venice Is Always A Dream

  Though the weather was a little cold, with a day or two of rain and wind, Venice still delivered for us. 

  We adored our interesting/unusual apartment, and loved meeting the elderly owners...
  The rainy nights were even more wonderful with the sounds of it all on the skylight roof. 
  Really cool place.

We already miss this place. Sigh.

  We did enjoy some beautiful days with sun and blue skies.

 The big surprise was the fog. We are so used to it back home on the California coast, but this was a first for us in Venice. November...what can you say? We've always come in September.

Fog set the mood at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

  As always, we saw tons of artwork, of all types, shapes and sizes. More to come on that...but for this post, a few pieces I liked enough to take photos of...

Who doesn't love an entire room made with ties?

  Though I'm not one for the interactive artworks that make me so shy and uncomfortable, this one, which only asked the viewer to roll some clay into a ball, was right up my alley. All I had to do was choose a color, meditate on the activity, and leave the ball behind.
  I loved it.

Johnny enjoying a favorite Italian artist.

 This Picasso that hasn't been displayed for 80 years was a treat to see.

Actually burnt/smoked canvas..I will post about this exhibition later.
I thought it was fantastic.

These made creepy noises in the wind.
Really cool.

That's just how I felt, seeing some of the works.
This one made me chuckle.

  A couple more favorites from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection...

  I have a big, and I mean HUGE, post to do about the Damien Hirst exhibition. But it's going to take some work. Something to look forward to...or maybe not?
  All I can say at this time...It was something to see, all right.

  In the meantime-

  Watching the life in the various piazzas is always fun...

The violet family.

Dad and little girl were really having a blast with a plastic rocket thing.
We watched them for a long time, while sipping some wine.

How's it work, pop?


So stylish.

  Just some photo worthy moments, while we walked all around the city...

  Johnny was in heaven...



...communing with the golden tower.
What the heck. It'a all good.

  I will devote an entire post to food, but for this post...just a teaser taste-

Smoked buffalo mozzarella with whole grain bread and capers.
WHAT? Yes...please!

Just more pretty....

...and more pretty.

  Thanks for another fabulous adventure, Venice.
  You will always be a perfect dream for us.

We had a blast!

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  1. Beautiful photographs. What a city! It’s on my list. Meanwhile, I’ll just adore from afar.