Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Scenes From Today

  Self-explanatory....Scenes from a typical day in our 'Other Life', here in Umbria.
  We start with an early morning walk, go to the garden center to start the little 'step-garden' at the apartment, then out to paint in the afternoon, with a gentle evening walk for fun.
  Oh, and then the Alien Cloud Sunset.
   Hey, it's Umbria....

A particular fruit tree I like to watch change.

Interesting details.

Nice light.

Kitty wants out.

A favorite ruin.

Wild violets and a lovely stone.

A closer look...

Starting to lay out a plan for my 'garden'.

The Golden Hour.

Painting at prime time.


A beauty.

A favorite scene of Johnny's.

Alien clouds? Over Lago Trasimeno?

Sure, why not.

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